Information about changes in Taxify fares

June 22, 2018

Perhaps you’ve noticed that lately it’s been harder to get a ride via Taxify and that waiting times are longer.

The reason for this is the recent changes in legislation that severely limit possibilities of drivers and impose bureaucratic obstacles, additional costs and restrictions for them. For this reason, it has become more expensive and difficult for drivers to provide the service you need. Drivers do not connect to the system, you see fewer available cars in the app and your ability to arrive at your desired destination quickly is difficult. Taxify team is now doing everything to change the complex regulations and provide help for drivers.

In order to support and motivate drivers, we have made a decision to raise standard fare in Taxify app starting from June 25th. This means that from now on your ride will cost a little more:

Changes to the cost of one ride will not be big, however for drivers it will be a significant increase. The raised fares, along with other bonuses and advantages that we offer, will motivate more drivers to connect to the app and ensure that a car will always be available to you whenever you need it.

In case of questions please contact us ( We are always happy to help!

Best regards,

Taxify team