Need a car to drive for Taxify?

January 29, 2019

Own Your Car, Own Your Schedule!

Driving for Taxify means that you earn good money on your terms. Work with your own schedule. No minimum hours, no boss and no monthly fees!

Vehicles are sure and steady income generating solutions for the drivers to  boost their income.

However, owning a vehicle has proven to be difficult with upfront payments taking months or years of investments and loan applications process only coupling up the stress.

That is why, Taxify has introduced an easier and effective ways to own cars in order to boost earnings for drivers on our platform. Taxify drivers can now get 100% financing from Stanbic Bank. Renault Kenya, a sub brand of Simba Corporation, will provide Renault KWIDS with engine capacity of 800cc and fuel efficiency of 24km/litre.

Drivers will also get a 25% discount on part replacement, 20% discount on labour and AA rescue to all drivers with a positive driver ratings of 4.7 and above.

Drivers can now access a feasible and cost-effective way to own their schedules, this means that sky is no limit to how much drivers can earn.

Would you like to be your own boss behind the wheel? Please write to us today, at


What are the benefits for the vehicle finance partnership?

  • Drivers benefit 100% financing from Stanbic Bank. Meaning that the vehicle is financed at 0% deposit.
  • Drivers can select automatic or manual versions of the Renault KWID.
    • (1) The Automatic Transmission at KES 1.23M and
    • (2) Manual version at KES 1.13M
  • Renault Kenya, a sub brand of Simba Corporation, will provide Renault KWIDS with engine capacity of 800cc and fuel efficiency of 24km/litre.
  • 25% discount on part replacement,
  • 20% discount on labour
  • AA rescue to all drivers. product trainings and wealth management courses.

What is the repayment period for the loan?

The repayment tenure is 36 months

What are the monthly installments?

Drivers who take up the facility will pay monthly instalments of Sh43,000 inclusive of insurance for the vehicles valued at Sh1.2 million for the manual version and Sh1.1 million for the automatic type.

How can I qualify?

Taxify will vet and pre-qualify drivers who have met various criterion including positive driver ratings of 4.7 and above.

How can I apply to get a Renault KWID?

Interested applicants  should fill in this form vehicle finance application form and if they qualify, they’ll get contacted by Stanbic Bank.

Are you selling these cars?

No we are not. These vehicles will be issued to all drivers that meet the set threshold: KES 750,000 for the past 6 months, a rating of over 4.7 and should have been driving with Taxify for over 6 months

What documentation should I provide to qualify?

There are no documents required.

Can this vehicle be taken for personal use /private vehicle?

Yes. However, remember that this is only for drivers that need vehicles to drive on our platform. There are no restrictions on how you can use the car as long as you are able to make the monthly instalments for the loan.

Is PSV  insurance part of the benefits?

Yes. The vehicle will have a comprehensive insurance which will be paid out in monthly instalments.

Aside from ratings, how long should i have driven for Taxify?

At least 6 months

I am a Taxify passenger and I use your app all the time , can I apply to get?

No, only applicable to drivers on the platform

Will the vehicle be tagged on Go and Base or Go only?

You can double tag to Taxify Base and Taxify GO

How soon can one get a response once they fill in the application form?

We are currently running a pilot of 20 vehicles for the first 3 months. We’ll then roll it out to every qualified driver after the test period elapses.

What happens if the vehicle is in an accident?

The vehicle must be comprehensively insured before you drive it off the showroom

What happens when the diver no longer wants to operate on Taxify or is permanently blocked?

You will continue paying the monthly instalments with Stanbic as per your amortisation schedule.

Can the driver pay a lump sum or more than the stipulated instalment fee?

Definitely yes. However, for this discussion you will need to reach out to Stanbic Bank for more info.

Can one choose not to have the vehicle branded?

All vehicles will be branded to highlight all the partners involved. Do not worry about the branding costs and the City Council Licensing as Taxify Kenya will take care of all the branding and licensing fees.

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