Most Visited Destinations in Tbilisi

February 08, 2017

You had been riding for a long now and we have covered thousands of kilometers in Tbilisi, but where are most popular destinations? We all have different priorities and do different things in life and there are some of the places most of us enjoy visiting and we wanted to share some of the hot spots in Tbilisi.

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We have decided to award Top Destination Award to the most traveled destinations in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Prize for the Most Visited Restaurant goes to Tsiskvili

Serving delicious Georgian traditional food with great Georgian wine, a restaurant stretched along the river Mtkvari with pleasant atmosphere, local folk dance and singing which creates truly amazing environment.

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Prize for the Most Visited Bar goes to Tiffany Bar

Tiffany Bar With beautiful opulent pieces of furniture and a menu that includes creative cocktails and culinary wonders. Food and drinks are served throughout the day, starting with Continental breakfast in the morning and continuing with a full menu of lunch, snack and dinner option into the evening, accompanied by live jazz performances.

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Prize for the Most Visited Hotel goes to Holiday Inn

Across from the Sport Palace in Tbilisi, this hotel features an outdoor pool, a large gym, and a bar with mountain views. It provides a private entrance to the Adjara Casino next door. International cuisine is served in the bright Adjara Restaurant.

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Prize for the Most Visited tourist destination goes to Mtskheta Jvari Monastery

Standing on the rocky mountaintop at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, overlooking the town of Mtskheta.  You can see the changing color of the water as the rivers float together. The church built back in 6th century and listed in UNESCO as world’s heritage is clearly visible for anyone passing by on the main road some hundred meters below.


Prize for the Most Visited Cinema goes to Rustaveli

The Rustaveli Cinema is a movie theater in Tbilisi. The theater is on Rustaveli Avenue opposite the Parliament of Georgia located on the main avenue. It shows mostly first-run blockbuster films and has on average 1000 visitors per day.

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Prize for the Most Visited Shopping Mall goes to East Point

Everyone  wondered where to go on a day-out with friends and family. After driving 12 minutes from the city center, you enter in multi-function shopping mall with all entertainment facilities, kids club, hypermarket, restaurants, fast food outlets, cinema and more than 150 branded shops.

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Prize for the Most Visited Nightclub goes to the club Basiani

Founded  on October 2014, it’s dedicated to electronic music, artists and events. Basiani events are held at Dinamo arena underground.

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Thanks for being so active this year! We’re excited to go more places with you in 2017!