New Taxify Category

July 02, 2017

Estonian Parliament recently accepted a new transportation law, which set same rules for both private and taxi drivers. Taxify will now merge Private and Taxi categories into a New Taxify category that will provide the biggest fleet in Tallinn and the fastest arrival times.

Ride prices are now calculated with the Taxify app and all cars will follow the same quality standards. At the end of every ride, you’ll receive the receipt on email and you can also download them from your ride history in the app. 

What is better now?

The new combined category will significantly reduce driver arrival times. Also you’ll automatically get a receipt on email, so you no longer have to ask for it from the driver.

What are the new services?

Taxify – Tallinn’s most affordable ride service with up to 13 year old cars. Base fares are €0.99 start,  €0.35/km + time €0.10/minute. 

Premium – Spacious premium cars. Base fares are €2.29 start, €0.45km + time €0.13/minute. 

XL – Bigger cars for up to 6 passengers. Fares are €3.00 start, €0.60 km + time €0.2/minute. 

Tesla – Tesla model S & X, electric cars. Base fares are €3.20 start, €0.60 km + time €0.25/minute. 

* Time fare is applied during the whole ride for all services.


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