Charging for older and pending Taxify rides

October 25, 2016

Riders are using Taxify to make millions of rides in 15 countries. Majority of those rides are paid by bank cards via Taxify app. Out of those card payments, small fraction fail due to various reasons – not enough balance, card expired or some other reason. Client got a ride, but Taxify did not get the money.

Riders with pending payments are not able to take next ride with Taxify payment, until pending payment is finished. Taxify is a fast growing startup with big vision, but we still have a small engineering team. We build product step by step and not all processes are automated from 1st day. So far Taxify support team solved pending payments manually. As we had thousands of those payments, we could not contact all the riders as fast as we wanted.

Now in October we launched a new process to notify and process pending payments automatically. So we have sent out e-mails to all riders with pending payments (including older dates) and asked to add a new bank card, so we could charge for their pending Taxify payments.

NB! If you added new card before 20th of October, we will not bill your card automatically for old payments. Please reply Taxify email and notify us to bill your current active card!

See user guide: how to use payments and add your bank card to Taxify app?

We are sorry for a late notification, but we hope you understand the situation better now and we can finally clear your balance. If you have any questions, please contact our support team in your Taxify city.

Thanks for taking rides with Taxify!

Martin Villig