Now You can message your driver before pickup

July 05, 2016

Ever had to call your driver to say they would wait a few minutes? Now you can send them a message from the app, for free.

Messages can be sent anytime before you’re picked up, from the moment when the driver accepts.

Use it to send details about your location (like airports or shopping malls) or ask the driver to wait until you arrive.

Taxify Client to Driver Messages

A few notes:

  • To send a message, open extra menu while driver is en-route
  • Messages are sent directly to Taxify Driver app
  • Messages are free of charge
  • Messages have end-to-end encryption
  • We do our best to deliver the messages, but in case of urgent updates it’s always better to make a phone call.

This feature is available for our iPhone and Android apps since July 5th, make sure you update Taxify to get it.


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