Tallinn Airport Taxi Service

June 05, 2015

Tallinn Airport Taxi & Transfers

Reliable Tallinn Airport Taxi Service

Taxify is a leading taxi booking application in Tallinn and Estonia with over 2500 verified taxis. Tallinn Tourism Authority recommends Taxify as best taxi booking application for Estonians and foreign tourists.

  • Taxi ride from Tallinn Airport to Tallinn city center costs 5-8 Euros
  • Taxi ride from Tallinn Airport to Tallinn suburb areas cost 6-15 Euros
  • All Taxify drivers have verified background and most drivers accept credit card payments


Download Taxify mobile app now to book taxis in Tallinn Airport:


Taxify has reliable customer support: report any issues to info@taxify.eu and we will take care of your issue within 24 hours.


Tallinn Airport is only 4km from Tallinn city center. The ride takes 7-10 minutes.

Tallinn Airport Taxi to Tallinn City Center

Taxify mobile app works in 10+ languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuania, Georgian, Czech, Serbian etc.

Book your Tallinn Airport Taxi ride today using Taxify mobile app.