Chat with Tiina Lokk (Founder of PÖFF)

December 01, 2014


Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) is over and it went well. We had a chance to sit down with the founder and general manager of PÖFF, Tiina Lokk, who spoke about PÖFF, its history and the local film industry in general. We wanted to see how many taxis are available via Taxify during popular film screenings on PÖFF.



What is PÖFF overall?

Black Nights Film Festival was launched in 1997 and screened 25 full length films at the first festival to 4500 cinema visitors. The festival started to grow rapidly, doubling the visitor numbers every year reaching out beyond the Nordic-Baltic region to discover the cinema of faraway countries. Within 10 years Black Nights Film Festival had increased the number of films nearly tenfold and the number of cinema visits even more. From the first focus on Nordic cinema the festival has grown to present all continents and many genres.

Today, PÖFF is already 18 years old, and includes a number of different programmes, including Sleepwalkers for short movies, Animated Dreams for animated movies and JUST Film for childrens’ movies.


How big is PÖFF this year?

Pöff has grown into an internationally recognized festival, with over 250 full length feature and documentary films, 500 movies altogether (the main part of which are short movies), and 77500 admissions. The festival attracts over 500 international guests, including film makers, actors and industry professionals.


PÖFF brings many international guests here putting Estonia on a filmmaking map, how do you get them here?

PÖFF is both an industry and audience festival. PÖFF is one of 15 internationally accredited competitive film festivals. We have a big international film industry hub in Tallinn, acting as the gateway to Scandinavia and Russia. The visitors include big names in production and distribution level from US and Asia.




Why visit Estonia?

Estonia is often seen as the world’s leading innovator against the backdrop of untouched nature and rich medieval heritage. The story goes deeper, and it might just be that Estonia with its diverse background and Nordic temperament ends up being your next holiday or business destination.


Have you ever used Taxify? Your experience?

“I have not used Taxify before, but now I have downloaded the app on my phone. I will definitely use it next time when ordering a taxi. The times have been busy in order to get PÖFF done, that’s why I just haven’t had a second to get into Taxify. Now I will”



(Tiina Lokk)


Next year, Taxify will join up with PÖFF, in order to give the best transport solution to the guests.


See you at Black Nights Film Festival 2015.